What is Teutonic Shamanism?

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Many Westerners have become unsatisifed with modern religion. For 50,000 years, Europeans practiced Animism, Shamanism and Polytheism. It has only been in the last 8 or 9 hundred years that Christianity was imported into (and in many cases forced upon) northern European culture. Unfortunately, most of us from European descent or naturalization have been forced to seek for animist, Earth-centered spiritual practices from outside our own culture. While this has resulted in very positive inter-cultural communication in the modern world, it has also resulted in resentment from some Native practioners who feel that Westerners are once again stealing from their culture. This has also increased a sense of rootlessness among Westerners who feel that they are "damned if they do and damned if they don't." And so, sadly many are left without a viable, traditional Earth centered spiritual practice.

Teutonic Shamanism is a modern, native European shamanic spiritual discipline derived from spiritual and energetic principles contained in the mythological lore of the pre-Christian Teutonic peoples of North Western Europe and augmented with Universal spiritual and energetic principles.
It is no longer necessary to study foreign spiritual disciplines to learn tribal, Earth-centered spiritual practices. In fact, in this writer's opinion, the Teutonic myths are easier to understand and implement for Westerners than some foreign disciplines. The Teutonic myths unlock spiritual secrets hidden in our genes, language and culture.

Embedded within the "Norse" mythological lore are coded secrets for absorbing Life Force Energy, Shamanism, and Spiritual mastery. In the post-Christian era, it is common for people to view these myths as merely entertaining stories. This attitude is a result of the early Christian imperial campaign to destroy all Native religious and spiritual practices in Europe. Thankfully much of this mythological lore was not destroyed. The Teutonic myths contain within them clues to a powerfully profound mystery religion in Northern Europe on an equal par with any spiritual philosophy on the planet. The spiritual secrets in these myths are right there for us to see... IF we know how to interpret them. In the tradition of Indo-European Mythology, every detail in the story is important and is a clue. In spiritual traditions that have an unbroken link to their ancestors, mythological stories are passed down orally from master to student. For the lay-person, the myths are used to enhance their devotion to the gods, their kin and the tribe. For the mystically inclined, the master shaman secretly explains the hidden instructions for energetic mastery. The Norse myths are written in classical Indo-European fashion. But without a living master to translate the hidden alchemical instructions, it can be very difficult to intepret them.

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Michael William Denney has spent twenty years studying, practicing and teaching native, shamanic disciplines from all over the world. Mr. Denney is a recongnized instructor in: Taoist Internal Martial Arts, Mysticism & Meditation - Kundalini Yoga and Mantra Meditation - West African Shamanic Drumming. A few years ago, Mr. Denney felt a deep calling to research the shamanic practices of his ancestors- The pre-Christian Teutonic Tribes of Northwestern Europe. After intensive research, he found that the "Norse" myths of his direct ancestors contained the same coded instructions for Spiritual Evolution, Magic and Energy Mastery as can be found in the 4,000 year old myths of the Pre-Hindu, Indo-European Vedic Tribes. After applying his understanding of pre-historic, Indo-European polytheism and animism to the Teutonic Myths of his ancestors, Mr. Denney has begun re-creating a modern version of Teutonic Spiritual Practices called "Modern Teutonic Shamanism."